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Ellipsis Editing will help you craft your writing so that it is as effective as possible. Whether by restructuring your whole book or just removing the excess commas, we identify the ways you can best tell a story.

We believe good ideas are served by the craft of writing: the grammar, style, voice and structure. These elements should not draw attention away from the idea you're trying to communicate. But they can be hard to see and edit in your own writing.

That's why we work with you to help make sure every aspect of your writing is working.




Proofreading corrects the smallest details and the focus is on spelling, grammar, and style. This is a final step for any piece of writing intended for an audience to ensure it's free of errors.



Copy editing improves your writing at the sentence and paragraph levels, with suggestions to strengthen sentence structure, word choice, and consistency. It's an important middle step to develop any text. 


Structural editing takes a broad view of your writing to improve the overall flow and coherence of ideas, and to make sure it achieves the desired outcomes. This is an important first step for writing that is in its early drafts. 


Chris Marcatili provided expert research assistance and copy editing, and was a sea of calm... thank you!

– Dr. Yasmine Musharbash, Australian National University

Chris is highly professional and his attention to detail is exceptional. I highly recommend his work.

– Dr. Angela Argent, SMART Recovery Australia


Chris was really easy to work with, on time and budget and his editing made my thesis much much better!

– Jesse Dart, PhD Candidate, University of Sydney

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