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Make your writing cut through

Structural edits are the most complex of the editing services you can request and therefore the most time-consuming. A structural edit takes a broad view of an entire document (anything from a novel to a website) in order to make recommendations on how to improve the overall flow of ideas.

Structural edits should be conducted on early drafts, especially of large projects such as novels or theses. 

This service includes:

  • An initial read of your document, and a summary statement.

  • A second read, resulting in a more detailed report providing broad commentary on:

    • strengths and weaknesses of your writing

    • where parts of writing may be moved for better results

    • what might be missing or should be removed

    • overall strategies for improvement.

  • Comments on issues such as the strength of an idea or argument, characterisation, or where tone might need to change in order to better target your audience.

  • In-text comments and notes that highlight specific examples of where strengths and weaknesses show in your work, and where changes should be considered.

  • Other incidental corrections – but the focus will be on broad issues rather than minor corrections.

  • A talk through of the notes if requested, or any other kind of clarification, to ensure the recommendations are understood.

  • Optional: Additional research to support your project.


Academic writers should note that it is not recommended to get a structural edit except from your supervisor. All academic writing must be fully the author's own. At Ellipsis Editing, we are not necessarily subject specialists and cannot provide insight on the specific subject matter of a publication.

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