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Get rid of distractions

Proofreading is the simplest of all edits and the quickest. But that does not make it less important. Small errors of spelling and grammar can distract your reader, can be embarrassing for the author, and can spoil the intended message. While most people feel like they can correct their own work, or someone else's, an expert eye is necessary to make absolutely sure your message gets across.

Proofreading is recommended for any writing that will be published or is intended for an audience. 

This service includes:

  • An initial read of your document, and a summary statement.

  • Any preparation work required, including reviewing relevant style guides, referencing requirements, or any notes from the author on voice, tone, or other requests.

  • Track-changed edits to your document with an eye for accuracy, consistency and clarity of expression.

  • If necessary, detailed edits to references (if they are included in the initial quoted word count) using external software such as EndNote.

  • Any incidental comments on structure or broader style choices in the writing – though focus will be on the corrections.

  • A style sheet that will be developed during the edit including broad assumptions (e.g. Australian or American spellings), stylistic choices (e.g. en-dashes or em-dashes), and other specific spellings.

  • A talk through of the edits if requested, or any other kind of clarification, to ensure the recommendations are understood.

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