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Announcing our 'sister' site

Ellipsis Editing professional editing services for academics. Image includes chair, bookcase and books.
Ellipsis Editing announces a new site, Ellipsis Consulting

You may not yet be aware, but as well as professional copy editing we offer a few other services. It can be confusing enough to try an explain how an editorial process works and what kind of editing someone might need (but if you want to read more on the editorial process, start here), so we've developed another site for all our other services, which we're putting under the broad banner term 'consulting'.

Ellipsis Consulting developed out of a few projects we've been doing with a number of community organisations. Since our background is in not-for-profit operations as well as editing, we were approached by these community organisations to help them think through the ways they could improve their efficiencies and strengthen the amazing work they do. On top of this, we also provided communications support in terms of writing copy and developing websites.

We are passionate about the work we do proofreading and editing content, and we hope to continue to work in this space for a long time to come. But, with the complications of the last year or so, especially the impacts of Covid-19 on the tertiary education sector, we decided that investing a little extra time in this consulting work was worthwhile. Are we still available for editing work? Absolutely, and we've already booked academic copy editing projects across the remainder of the year. Now we're also able to provide a broader range of services to a wider community.

If you want to get in touch, you can reach the site at or just email


We at Ellipsis Editing and Consulting wish the image in this site were our own. Sadly, it's not. We thank Nick Hillier on Unsplash for it.


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